Current TIP Members

Everyone is encouraged to to become a Member of "The Club" and ISI.  As a member, you will receive membership to ISI, one year subscription to The Recreational Ice-Skating Magazine, the opportunity to have all test results sent in and registered with ISI Headquarters, the opportunity to participate in any exhibition or competition and the opportunity to purchase a "Team Ice Palace Warm-Up." Membership dues and $42.00 per year payable to Team Ice Palace. ($35.00 for Team Ice Palace and $7.00 for the ISI Membership.) Membership applications can be obtained at the Crown or can be downloaded here and turned in to Michele Shane or Diane Waters.

Current Members
(Click on a member's name to go to their page.)

Nicole Bostock
Caitlyn Bostock
Candis Bouldin
Amanda Carver
Carrie Dyer
Jennifer Garcia
Megan Haaf
W. Mayer Haaf
Rikki Harris
Amber E. Jurkovac

Sasha Kaohi
Amanda Maldonado
Ashby McMillan
Yuko McMillan
Kimberly Mobley
Robyn Osborne-Quinnett
Korissa Packer
Michele Shane
Arrianna Silva
Brittany Snyder
Heather Snyder
Kara Vick
Brittany Wardlaw
Diane Waters
Robert Waters
Emily Wong
Julianne Young



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"Kids on ice stay out of hot water."

The Ice Palace Skating Academy
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