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Membership dues are $42.00 per year ($35.00 for Team Ice Palace membership and $7.00 for ISI membership).  Complete the application below, print it out, and return it along with your payment and ISI Membership Form to the Team Ice Palace mailbox at the office counter.

Today's Date

Skater's Name:    Age: 

Parent's Name: 

Skater's ISI#:    USFSA#: 

Address:     City:    State:      Zip: 

Home Phone:    Work Phone:  

Primary Coach:       Highest Test Passed: 

Email Address: 

As a member of Team Ice Palace, you will receive membership in ISI, one yearly subscription to The Recreational Ice Skating Magazine, the opportunity to have all ISI test results sent in and registered with ISI headquarters, the opportunity to purchase a "Team Ice Palace" warm-up, and participation in all exhibition or competitions held.  Exhibitions may include costumes, so we ask that you please fill out the measurements portion of this form.


Chest:  Waist:  Hip:  Girth: 
Arm Length:  Arm Width:  Pant Length:  Thigh: 

Parents - are you interested in volunteering to help coordinate events or make costumes?  

Events:     Costumes: 

Please let us know if you possess any special skills or talents that would be valuable to Team Ice Palace in helping us to coordinate events, raise funds, or generally improve the overall quality of our Team.  We very much appreciate any time you are willing to offer.

Questions?  Please contact Diane Waters, (910) 483-3979, Test and Competitions Chairman, Team Ice Palace Skating Club.


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"Kids on ice stay out of hot water."

The Ice Palace Skating Academy
Fayetteville, NC
Additional information may be obtained by sending us
an email or by calling (910) 677-0073.

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